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The company Fap s.r.l. with years of active and qualified presence in the transport and tourism sector, it boasts a modern and efficient organization with a young and dynamic staff at your service for the realization of trips on the national and international territory.

Comfort and safety

Professionalism and security...
Our guarantee

Our vehicles are regularly equipped with a tachograph in perfect efficiency as shown in the annual review carried out by an authorized workshop. The coaches are perfectly efficient from the point of view of receptivity in proportion to the number of participants and from the mechanical point of view as proof of the annual revision to which they are submitted at the offices of the civil motorization.

19 seats

30 seats

36 seats

54 seats

64 seats

ISO 9001 – OHSAS 18001

Our company has a fleet of vehicles ranging from 16-19-25-28 seats to the grand touring coach rental 36-54-56-63 posti.

Fap has selected over the years a highly qualified staff for every need.

Our services are aimed at tour operators and travel agencies, including bus hire for school trips.

Fap Bus transfers to the areas of Pistoia, Montecatini, Florence, Prato, Lucca, Versilia, Viareggio, Siena, but also operates in other areas of Italy and abroad.

All the Gran Turismo coaches owned by the company are licensed for hire from a garage with driver issued by the province of Pistoia (PT).

The personnel used for driving the vehicles is equipped with driving license type “D”, the drivers are employees of the company itself and respect the rules in force regarding driving periods and rest periods.

The trip, when for very exceptional reasons, is organized in such a way as to prevent moving the vehicle for a period exceeding nine hours a day, provides for the presence of n. 2 drivers. Alternating with driving allows the observation of regulation 561/2006, the framework of which requires that the continued driving time of the same driver does not exceed four and a half hours. All where the journey includes a journey lasting less than nine hours a day, the driver will take a rest of at least 45 minutes every 4 and a half hours of service or 15 minutes on the 1st pause and 30 minutes on the 2nd. Our fleet is covered by a Ras insurance policy of Eur 25,000,000.00 (twenty five million) with a single limit.


General rules regarding driving and resting times for drivers

DAILY USE: maximum 13 hours

ALLOWED DAILY GUIDE: 9 hours maximum – every 4 hours and 30 minutes there is a 45 hour rest

DAILY REST: 11 consecutive hours over 24 hours with reduction to 9 consecutive hours 3 days a week only on Italian territory.

WEEKLY REST: 24 consecutive hours every 6 days of service.

Failure to comply provides for the reduction of points 2 from the driver’s license, in addition to the stop on the spot for the bus.

Our vehicles fully comply with the regulations concerning road safety: ABS (Anti blocking system) TCS (Traction control system); EBS (Electronic brake system).

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